Alice Brown, SociologyI chose to study Sociology because I wanted to explore the different thoughts and feelings surrounding the society that we live in today and to gain a sensitive understanding of different social situations. Areas of the course such as The Family allow discoveries that each one of us can relate to in some way and the Education module has a direct connection to all of us. But the fascination for me truly began in the A2 modules with Crime and The Media. I found it unbelievable to discover just how much we are dominated by this global system and of how fast news stories can travel all around the world. It’s kind of unreal!The amount of support and dedication my teachers have given me is brilliant. With constant communication through emails and detailed feedback from work in class, they’ve helped me focus on my weaker areas of development so I can keep on improving. I honestly can’t thank them enough!I hope to go to the University of Winchester to study Primary Education and Sociology has definitely benefitted this. I now feel I am able to view society from many different angles and will be able to offer a sense of understanding and sensitivity in my future career.