Dissertation Defense Requirements and Guidelines Here is what you need to know to plan your dissertation defense and navigate your degree completion with the department, the Graduate School, and the Registrar's Office: If you plan to defend during the Fall Semester, you must complete all required paperwork with the Graduate School before the first day of the Spring Semester in order to avoid being charged for Semester II. The Graduate School may grant a 30-day courtesy extension for you to complete all paperwork.

If you think you might require this extra time, please contact Mary Ellen Woycik 27 Aug 2014 - Ask them to be specific. Are you three months away, or do you have six months' worth of work? Or is it just a month's load?” (Rifat Mahbub, PhD in women's studies, University of York). 10) Prepare for the viva “Don't just focus on the thesis – the viva is very important too and examiners' opinions can change .

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The Graduate School may grant a 2-week courtesy extension until May 15 for you to complete all paperwork.

Again, bear in mind that this must be arranged ahead of time so please contact Mary Ellen Woycik by April 15 if you anticipate that an extension may be necessary The past 12 months have provided many eye-grabbing headlines from the Imperial community from. The 10 most popular Imperial news stories of 2017. Space science pioneers and infectious disease specialists are among those recognised in the Queen's New Year. Four top New Year's honours for Imperial staff. This year .

Before your defense (at least two weeks prior): Visit the Graduate School’s Dissertation Guidelines page for all of the information you will need to complete the process.

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(Note that all dissertations are now submitted electronically.

) Coordinate with your committee to arrange possible dates/times for your defense 20 Oct 2012 - –Abraham Pais, physicist. You've been in graduate school for many years now, and you've come a long way. You've completed all of your coursework, formed your Ph.D. thesis committee, passed your preliminary/oral/qualifying examinations, and have done an awful lot of research along the way. There's a .

View the conference room calendars and reserve a room for your defense.

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Create the Thesis Signature Page to bring to your defense. The day of your defense: Bring at least two copies of the required Thesis Signature Page which you have created, to your defense in order to get the required signatures while your committee is gathered together.

This will ultimately make your completion easier by eliminating the need to gather individual signatures later SFU Graduate Studies maintains a page with a variety of helpful resources related to the process of getting started, writing, formatting and defending your thesis. I have not applied for a doctoral degree in the doctoral subject of Physics elsewhere. Physics classrooms, modeling discourse classes performed as well or better .

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The required 2 pages stay with the Graduate School, if a 3rd page is sent, it will be signed by the Dean and returned to you in campus mail. See 4S front desk if you would like to borrow a laser pointer for your presentation.

May 1 for Spring completion): Complete all checklist items referenced on the Graduate School’s website (#1-5 under Submission of the Final Copy).

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This form includes information such as preferred email and forwarding address as well as your post-completion employment, etc.

The information you provide will enable us to stay in touch with you and assist us in statistical research.

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Change your address with all senders of mail (personal, banks, insurance providers, periodicals, etc), and then, arrange to have someone forward any mail that is still delivered here for you. Your Brown electronic services will continue until August.

Check out the email forwarding and other services available to you through the Brown Alumni Association.

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